Helping supply chain operators mitigate disruption through AI.

Auba is an AI-based assistant designed to prevent supply chain disruption and identify opportunities to realize cost savings across core industries.


For globally-minded companies, having robust and resilient supply chains is critical.

By using proprietary AI technology, Auba gives supply chain managers and operators the ability to harness the insights held in conversations as well as the ability to map out their supply chain networks and get an overview and alerts of potential disruptions. In the long term, this converts to an AI co-pilot that learns and evolves with the company.


Adaptable across industries, Auba serves the largest markets in North America.


The tool acts as a widget, overseeing email and messaging communication, balancing external data with internal knowledge to provide more comprehensive oversight.

We are building AI tools to predict both internal and external supply chain delays and disruptions to save your company millions, yearly. We do this by integrating with dozens of data sources and proactively suggest fixes and alternative options – helping businesses save millions.


Due to the consequences associated with climate change, supply chains are increasingly fragile.

It’s now more important than ever before for supply chains to operate smoothly and with forward planning

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It’s estimated that companies can reduce costs by up to 25% in mid-large-sized companies with focused supply-chain optimization.


As much as 45% of one year’s EBITDA can be lost each decade because of disruptions. Having the tools to predict disruptions and plan accordingly can be a lifeline to companies.


in 2019, forty weather disasters caused damages exceeding $1 billion each. The economic toll caused by the most extreme events has been escalating.

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