The State of Ports in North America by Auba

At Auba we’re on a mission to make global supply chains more predictable, faster, and easier to operate. Thus, quality data availability is a core tenet of our company. 

Today, we are thrilled to share the most comprehensive report and dataset on maritime trade for North America: The State of Ports in North America by Auba.

Maritime transportation accounts for roughly 80% of all trade worldwide. However, information on ports is rarely consolidated into a single source, let alone on a regional basis such as North America.

That is why we decided to bridge this informational gap by consolidating all relevant data on North American Ports. The State of Ports in North America is our first effort to make information readily available to users around the world. In it, you will find data from 276 ports across the US, Mexico, and Canada, consolidating +60 sources for 6 years worth of historical data.

For all ports, we found information on:

      • TEUs

      • Tons of Cargo

      • TEUs Imported

      • TEUs Exported

      • Number of empty containers

      • Number of full containers

    We encourage supply chain professionals, researchers, academics, and all people interested in maritime trade to download our data to create further insights and expand our knowledge on the world of trade.

    Without further ado, we are proud to share our first report with the world!

    Read our report with the link below:

    Access our data sets (all freely available):

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