Ryan studied Computer Science at the University of Delaware and, upon graduating, would join Deloitte as a technology consultant. After his time in Deloitte, Ryan committed entirely to the world of engineering and startups, working for Blend, and Catch. Now, he has joined Auba as a founding engineer—the first hire of the company, as a matter of fact—, helping to ameliorate the many disruptions that plague the world of supply chains.

If a line can be defined as the sum total of consecutive points in space, then Ryan’s life can be described in a similar fashion. A sum total of events, connected by time. As such, Ryan’s life is an adventure of many jumps across the US.

The story itself begins in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where Ryan was born as his parents moved around the country for work. In the coming years, his family would move thrice more. First  to Grays Lake, Illinois, followed by the more distant Portland, Maine. FInally, they settled in the state of Delaware. It wasn’t long before Ryan decided to move out of his own volition for college. Initially, he enrolled in George Washington University but soon transferred to the University of Delaware, where he felt more at home. Yet as Ryan’s physical location changed constantly, his intentions had remained the same since a young age. As early as preschool, he had developed an appreciation for videogames as his parents—for better or worse—got him a copy of Super Mario Bros to play with. So, quite naturally, at the University of Delaware, he studied Computer Science. 

Soon after graduating, following what was now a ritual, he moved to Arlington, joining Deloitte’s technology consulting team. After a couple of years with Deloitte, he decided to pivot once more but. Computer Science and engineering had become a core element of his persona and he wanted to devote full time to it. Thus, seeking for a more CS-centered position, he joined the team at Blend—an up and coming startup that would raise multiple rounds of private capital before a successful IPO. As part of his job—and suited with his tendency to move—he had to travel back and forth between California in the West Coast, and Arlington in the East. Eventually, avoiding the constant plane commute, he briefly moved to Oakland before returning to Delaware once COVID hit.

When his time with Blend came to an end, Ryan moved one more time across the country, but this time, the end destination was LA. There, he joined Catch as a Staff Software Engineer; a fintech company seeking to give advantages to online shopping.

As Ryan finished his period at Catch, a former colleague at Blend reached out with a startup idea that would eventually become Auba. After some calls and seeing the development of the company, Ryan decided to join Auba’s engineering team full time as the company’s first hire. Much as lines can head to infinity, so do the patterns in Ryan’s life. At Auba, he is able to pursue, once more, his passion for coding while using it to improve the world of supply chain logistics. And if you thought it would be the end of his constant geographical shifts, you can think again. After joining Auba, Ryan moved to New York as he now waits for the next point to be drawn in the line that is his life.